Machine Knitting Classes Offered

Do you own a Bond Incredible Sweater Machine (ISM), an Ultimate Sweater Machine (USM), or another single bed knitting machine?  Do you know what it's capable of with some help from you?  

Machine Knitting Basics -- Basic 1 -- Learn the parts of the machine, to set up the machine, to lubricate the machine, how to knit a basic block and bind off.  Gauge is featured and how to change it.  Extra tools that are sold separately are discussed.

Machine Knitting Basics -- Basics 2 -- Learn 2 ways to cast on, how to make purl stitches, bind off 2 ways.  Ribbing and Seed Stitch are featured.  Pattern reading is worked on.  This class builds on Basics 1.

Machine Knitting Basics -- Basics 3 -- Full fashioned Increases and Decreases as well as eyelets are featured.  Reasons for doing this way rather than other ways are discussed.  Pattern reading is discussed.  This class builds on Basics 1 & 2.

Machine Knitting Basics -- Cables -- How to create them and how to make the stand out.  Pre-Requisite:  Basics 1 & 2

Machine Knitting Basics --  Color work -- How to add Fair Isle and Intarsia to your knitting.  Chart reading is featured.

Machine Knitting Basics --  Lace -- How to create lace.  Chart reading and pattern reading are featured.

Machine Knitting Basics -- How to convert hand knit patterns to machine knitting, the differences between hand knit and machine knit patterns.