Thursday, July 30, 2015

Updates and Classes

Hi all,

So much has happened in life.  Here is the brief run down of things not pertaining to knitting and crocheting.  

  • In mid-June, my new day job boss arrived as the old one left. 
  • In mid-May, one of my sisters in law was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of breast cancer.  
  • In mid-July, our church had its festival.  I co chair the whole thing.   My co chair and I work to be the face of the festival as needed, solve problems and hand out prizes.
  • In mid-July, I went to 2 baby showers.  Each one got a hand made gift.  Pictures will be below.
  • Two days after the festival my sister in law passed away.  I would like to think she waited for the family that is involved in this venture to be free, but I know better.
  • Yesterday we had a new addition to the family a few weeks early.  Miss Emma Catherine was born.
The only thing I can think of in those 10 weeks of time that had anything to do with knitting and crocheting were the times I sat in waiting rooms and meetings and worked on class samples.

Now onto class information.  Here is the schedule as I see it.

For crochet classes here is what is left of the schedule I posted in April:

Beginner Crochet 1                         August 3
Crochet Ornament Class                 August 4
Beginner Crochet 2                         August 17
Crochet Sweater (Back)                 August 18
Beginner Crochet 1                         August 31
Crochet Sweater [Front(s)]        September 1
Granny Square 2                       September 14
Crochet Sweater (Sleeves)         September 15
Solomon’s Knot                          September 28
Crochet Sweater Joining/finishing      September 29

For knit classes here is what is left of the schedule I posted in April:
Beginner Knit 1                                 August 6
Knit Ornaments                                August 7
Knit Beginner 2                                 August 20
Knit Sweater (Back)                         August 21
Beginner Knit 1                            September 3
Knit Sweater (Fronts)                 September 4
Cables 1                                      September 17
Knit Sweater (Sleeves)              September 18
Entrelac 1 (Basic)                             October 1
Knit Sweater (Joining/finishing)    October 2
For kids classes here is what I had planned:  
Kid Weaving                                                   August 8
Kid Knit 2                                                      August 22
Kid Crochet 3                                        September 19

Remember the kids classes will be held at the Lebanon Library on Saturday mornings.  Adult classes will be either in my home or your home (one student or a group that knows each other) or the Lebanon Library.  Email me and I will send a syllabus that has directions to the class location unless something else is arranged.  Payment is made at class.

Warm Up America will be starting every other Sunday afternoon on August 30.  I think there are still afghan blocks at Michaels to be joined.  However, with everything that has been going on, I have not kept up with that as I had wanted.  I need more hours in my day sometimes or less things to do.  I keep hoping for more hours personally.  If there are no blocks at Michaels to join, feel free to drop more off either at Michaels or my home.  I will have a collection box that is water proof on my porch.  I will check and make a post about Michaels.

Please note that for the sweater classes, you can use a pattern you want to learn or I will have an easy one that is fairly quick to complete and in a basic style.  I know that we all have busy schedules.  We will be discussing different types of sweaters and how things are shaped and why as well as getting started with each part at the classes.

And now for the promised pictures.

Baby shower 1 was the Saturday before the festival.  Mother to be received a sweater.  Yes you can faintly see blue bunnies in the yoke.  Yes I added black beads for the eyes and brown beads for the noses.  No I don't think this is an issue.  Newborns don't typically eat their clothes.  This is sized for a newborn to 3 month size, depending on the baby of course.  

Baby shower 2 was the day after the festival ended due to the hostess' work schedule being changed.  Yes I made it.  Yes the gift was finished.  The finishing took place as I waited for one of the last people to take things from the festival, our flea market clean up guy.  Mother to be received a dress.  Yes I hung it from the rear view mirror for the photo.  It is sized 3 - 6 month again depending on the baby.  There was also a blanket but in all the commotion, it was misplaced.  My daughter in law found it over the weekend.  Thanks honey.  Now all I have to do is wrap it and deliver it.

Baby shower 3 I won't make.  It will be this weekend and I have nothing started, nothing planned, no enthusiasm to go.  This is a happy time and I don't want to be a downer.  I will think of something unique and give it when the baby is born.  Yes I will post a picture.