Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.

As Peppermint Patty and company learned on the annual favorite, 

‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’, it's not what you eat or where you eat.  The important part is with whom you are eating.  I hope you are as lucky as I am to be with loved ones for the holiday and in a safe and warm environment.  

For those of you who have to travel to be with family and friends, please stay safe.   For those of you who will be going to the sales on Friday, be even more careful.  I will not be among the shoppers.  I will be home starting Christmas decorating and working on Christmas presents.  IF, and this is a big if, the computer remains on friendly terms with me, I will be posting pictures that have been neglected for far too long.  If the computer decides to take a vacation, pictures will have to wait.  This is part of the reason why none have been posted.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

December Class Schedule

I know we are all getting ready for the feast of Thanksgiving.  I know that we have much to be thankful for here in my home, my sister getting a job, our son getting into the Air Force, our son's fiancee, Brie, our other son gaining his own home,  our continuing to have jobs in this economy, more importantly our health and love of family and friends.  

Here is the calendar of classes for December.  Please note that there will only be classes the first two weeks of the month.  If there is something that you will need help with, come in when I have a yarn event scheduled and I will see what I can do to help or contact me and we can set up a special class.  Some things are a quick fix.  Others are not.

December Calendar of Classes

December 2012
Discover Single Crochet
Discover Baby Crochet – Baby Rattle
Discover Knit
Discover Baby Knit – Kimono Sweater
11 – 1 demo
Discover Tall Stitches
Discover Texture Stitches
Discover Purl
Discover Pattern Stitches
 I will be on vacation
 until the first Monday of 
New Year’s Eve

Keep checking the next few days for January’s calendar of classes!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Classes, new and old

I have been working on classes.  I have loom knitting and how to knook added to the schedules.  Both of these tools would make great gifts to people who want to craft with yarn but are unsure of themselves, people who have issues with motor skills, or just want to learn a new skill. 

Loom knitting can be done in the round and reminds me of the spool knitting I learned as a child.  Loom knitting can be done on long looms and either in the round to make very wide panels or  so that there is a knit side on both sides.  The round looms can also make flat panels.

The knook is knitting on a hook that has a tail.  It is a cross of knitting, crocheting and Tunisian crochet.  This could be great for someone who is interested in learning a new skill.  This could be the thing for someone who doesn't like knitting but is interested in gaining that look with a hook.

Classes for these techniques will be starting in January.  They will run on Saturdays.  See the class schedules for dates and times.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Knitting and Crocheting

How many of you do it?  I will admit to not doing this every year.  I will even admit to not doing something crafty for every Thanksgiving.  Once upon a time, I had a stuffed turkey that I made from one of those cut and sew panels.  He was neat but had to be propped.  He had a tilt problem.  One year I did pilgrims that had to have dowel rods implanted to stand.  I did crocheted napkin rings one year (they got tossed as they didn't do things as I intended).

This year is no different.  I'm not doing any crafty thing for Thanksgiving.  However, I did find a cute pattern on Red Heart for crocheted Pilgrims.  Here is their picture.

 Maybe next year.  Maybe not.  I'm finding I don't really need more stuff sitting around my house especially with a slew of animals who like to play with stuffed toys, even if they aren't meant to be toys.

I would like to have napkin rings again, but the trick is to use the right yarn and last time I didn't.  I used something that had a lot of stick to it.  That caused them to curl when slid over the napkins.  I will also do something better like make them larger, but not by much, a mercerized cotton or a nice washable silk would be much slippier.  I was also thinking about making the decoration detachable, acorns for autumn, pumpkins for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, eggs for Easter, flags for Flag day/Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day, and so on.  These could be done in beads or beaded crochet/knit on very small thread so they aren't overwhelming.  They can also be done when free time arrives.  Plain rings are just fine too.

I also know I will NOT be out and about on black Friday, nor any other day of that weekend.  I will be home working on presents, like my son's sweater.  Pictures will be coming as soon as I get the camera charged.  I will also be doing at least some of my holiday decorating, planning my baking, and getting ready for holiday visitors.