Saturday, September 12, 2015

Squares and what to do with them

In preparation for a recent class, I thought about first granny squares and secondly, all squares. Granny squares.  Afghan squares.  Mitered squares.  Dishcloth squares.

Then I thought about joining them.  JAYGo and Slip Stitch are my two favorite ways.  (JAYGo is Join As You Go). 

But I really wanted to explore what can be done with them much more.  So I went hunting in all my resources.  Google is really helpful as is the WAYBACK machine website, in addition to my books and own thoughts.  There was a website years ago that listed things to do with 99 squares and also 101 squares.  Here is a chestful of ideas to do with squares taken from all over the place and in no particular order.
  1. one large square for an afghan
  2. two medium sized squares for a pillow
  3. a small one for a coaster
  4. an eyeglass case
  5. two medium sized ones for a bath mat or other small rug (if on smooth floors, put non slip sheeting under it.  I don't want to hear anyone fell)
  6. an ottoman cover
  7. a scarf
  8. a cowl
  9. a hat
  10. a wrap
  11. cover for a stool
  12. seat mat
  13. rear view mirror charms
  14. earrings
  15. wooden chair back cushion
  16. folded and sewn into stuffed animals
  17. wash cloth or dishcloth, done in cotton of course
  18. baby hat
  19. purses of all types
  20. gift bags
  21. dog sweaters, both my dogs appreciate this idea, the beagle less so than the Dalmatian.
  22. cat mats
  23. an applique
  24. small gloves
  25. clock face
  26. cardigan
  27. pullover
  28. vest
  29. coat
  30. curtains
  31. Christmas tree skirt
  32. Christmas stocking
  33. a skirt
  34. a pair of pants (I kid you not. I saw this on a man riding in a subway car on the Internet.  Chances are you saw it too.)
  35. hand towel, done in cotton of course
  36. car seat covers
  37. a beach bag 
  38. bookmark
  39. potholder
  40. hot pad
  41. pincushion
  42. doll clothes
  43. needle or hook bag, could also be used for bingo supplies or other gaming pieces
  44. gym bag
  45. a heating pad or hot water bottle cover, yes these are still used
  46. an ice bag cover, just as you don't want burnt from the hot things, you don't want frost bite from this
  47. block toy for a baby
  48. poncho
  49. slippers
  50. soap saver
  51. two plus a zipper can be a coin purse
  52. an apron
  53. a headboard for your bed, can be padded or not as suits you
  54. place mats
  55. done in thread and stiffened, napkin rings
  56. tissue box cover
  57. table runner
  58. dollhouse accessories
  59. a sampler afghan, baby sized up to bedspread sized (done with either all basic granny squares in a multitude of colors or a few colors and a multitude of patterns)
  60. headbands
  61. wristbands
  62. sock cuffs
  63. car visor covers 
With this list of more than 5 dozen ideas, you can pick and choose what to make first.  Have fun with this.  If you choose to make a sampler of any of these, there are many many more granny square patterns out there.  Plug into Ravelry's pattern search, granny squares and get a taste. Google granny squares and have a full buffet of square patterns.

Post some pictures of your projects.  I'd love to see what you made.