Sunday, January 21, 2018

A Year in Stitches week 1

This year is starting off slowly for blog posts. There's a problem with publishing new posts but not pre-scheduled.  And now here's week 1.  I did have this up but can't find it anywhere now.

Knit week 1

This is a quickie.   It's a 1 row stitch pattern in a multiple of 4.

R1: * k2, yo, k2tog-b.  Rep to the end. 

Crochet week 1

Granny in rows

This is another easy and quick stitch pattern.   It can be done with 1 color, 2 colors, or many colors and possibly use up leftovers. It's a multiple of 4.

Ch 24

R1: 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, * ch 1, sk  3 ch, 3 dc in next st. Rep from the * to the end.

R2:  ch 4, * 3 dc in ch 1 st, ch 1.  Rep from * to the end. End with dc on top of ch 3.

R3:  ch 3, 2 dc in ch 1 space,  * ch 1, 3dc in ch 1 space.  Rep from the * to the end.

Rep r2 and r3 until the desired size is reached.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

3 Pieces of Advice for Beginners and Reminders to Those More Experienced

There are 3 things I think important to tell beginners.  It doesn't hurt to remind more experienced stitchers of these either.  

1.  Relax.  This is supposed to be fun.  You can't have a good time if you have your hands choking the tool or the yarn.  

       If you need a relaxer, like a massage or cake or a sip of a beverage of choice, most won't say anything.  Maybe try learning with some friends or family members?  Laughter makes things fun.

2.  This is just stick(s) and string.  No one will die or suffer from a catastrophe if a mistake is made.

        Unless you are working with a very sticky yarn (think mohair) your first time through,  you can rip back mistakes.  Mohair will take some convincing and time.  Don't want to take the time?  Cut the yarn and start over.  Sometimes if you are practicing between classes and consistently making the same mistake,  cutting and starting over with new yarn is good.  Show the teacher those snippets and the teacher can see what you are doing.  The other option, after showing the teacher,  is to own what you are doing and call it a design feature.

3.  If you don't like the project,  the yarn, the tool, the whole thing of knitting and/or crocheting, you don't have to continue with it.

       No one has to make something they don't like or actually hate.  No one has to use yarn or tools that they can't control,  don't like, or hurts your hands or eyes.  If you don't like knitting or crocheting,  stop.  The only exception I can come up with is if you hate a particular color or fiber and this is a gift and the recipient asks for it.  But you might come to an agreement about it. 

I will say that even if you hate pastels,  use them at first for practice since it is easy for you and your teacher to see any mistakes being made or how stitches are formed.  Dark colors make learning difficult.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Year of Stitches week 2

This was also published before and disappeared. 

Knit week 2

This is deceptively easy.   It's a multiple of 2 + 2.  It can be done with 1 color,  2 colors or a main color and multiple contrast colors.

Cast on 20.

R1: with mc,  k.
R2:  p.
R3:  k.
R4:  p
R5:  with cc, k
R6:  p.
R7:  k 1, * yo, k2tog.  Rep from * to the end. End k1.
R8:  p
R9:  k.
R10:  with mc, pick up 1st st of mc from R4 and put on left needle. P2tog with 1st st of cc. Continue working across the row.
R11:  k
R12:  p.

Rep 1-12 to the desired size.

Crochet week 2

This is a 3 dimensional stitch pattern.  It's a multiple of 3 +1.

Ch 25 for a 4 inch square.

R1:  dc in 8th ch from hook,  * ch 2, sk 2, dc in next st.  Rep from *.
R2:  ch 5, dc in dc, * ch 2, dc in dc.  Rep to the end,  ending with dc in 3rd ch of ch5.

Rep R2 for desired size. Fasten off.

Now for the fun part.

With color of choice,  join at the bottom right corner of a square around the post.  Ch 3 (counts as dc now and throughout), dc around the same post, turn 90º and 2 dc around ch 2, turn again and 2dc around post of next dc.  Continue working across the first row of mesh. Then work the rest of the mesh.

See in the picture how the second part forms.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A month of selfish knitting

I'm back on my comodo cardigan.  My sleeves needed redoing.  My gauge was off.  I also missed seeing a few decreases. After a dip in the frog pond, it's back on track.

I have lined up in my wips for January to finish an alpaca sweater.  The pattern is from Crochet Now! and is done in a very fine thread.  I'm using chunky yarn by Ella Rae. 

Next up is the French CanCan shawl that was a guild retreat project.  I'm making mine larger than the original called for.  For this I'm using Debbie Bliss Aran yarn in a beautiful maroon for the body and a light grey for the edging of cables and lace.

I'll have to stop them soon to whip up a Corkscrew hat by Michele Hunter.  This is another guild retreat project.  I haven't chosen my colors for this yet.  But it looks like a very fun knit and I can't wait to make it.  I also picked up the mitten pattern that matches.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Review :: Crochet Bag Ideas

Crochet Bag Ideas.
It is what it says it is in the title.  This app is different styles of bags that are done in different stitches, colors, etc.  There’s an offering of 50 bags.  Some are similar. 

Each photo is clear and concise.  There’s no background clutter which is great for looking at details in the bags.  You can see things like handles and clasps or other types of closures.  Each bag is in different stitches and you can usually tell which stitch it is.  There are many colors throughout the gallery.  Maybe they don’t all appeal to you, but it shows you what can be done to change up the colors that fit your personal palette.

This app is not a pattern source.  There are no patterns here or links to patterns.  This app doesn’t have details for the bags.  There are no gauges listed, no schematics for each bag.  There are no finished sizes.  The yarn choices are yours to make.  You choose the hook size to make a fabric that you like. 

All that being said, I would download this for ideas.  It doesn’t take much room, just 5.00Mb.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Month of selfish knitting and crocheting

This post is another one I tried and failed to publish from my phone.  This could be the pictures I tried to add or something else.  I never know.

The holiday gift knitting and crocheting is over for another year.  Some things were better than others.  All in all I'll count this year a success.  I will be planning for next year.  But January is the month of selfish knitting and crocheting.  This month is all about me.

To this end I'm finishing wips.  My first one is done.  Yeah me!

I pulled out drachenflugel (dragon wing).  I used 2 and a part skeins of KFI 100% silk yarn in color 2 (metallics in appearance).  I used a size F hook for this slightly heavier than sport weight yarn.  I also added freshwater pearls at the points and along the end edge and point.  This is an asymmetrical shawl.  The pearls are dyed a nice pearly gold.  The yarn is from a LYS closing sale.  The pearls are from bead shop in Las Vegas while shopping with my daughter in law.

Now I think I'll finish my Comodo.  It's trying not to be a cat bed and failing.  I had ripped back the sleeves due to bad math on my part.  I also wanted it to be longer.  The sleeves are 15 rounds in length.  Decreases are happening evenly.

Check this out!

My Comodo.  Body to be lengthened.  Sleeves at 15 rds.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!

I've tried sending this numerous times from my phone.  It won't for some reason.  So I will retype it and get it published.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you try to live by a theme for the year?  Or do you set goals?  Or do you try to be the best you can be?

I gave up on resolutions.  I try to be my best day in and day out.  Sometimes I'm good.  Sometimes not so much.  I also set goals to meet for short term and long term.

A few of my goals include
     1)  Finish WIPs.  How many get done are dependent on how many are going now and how many new things I start.
     2)  Learning new stitch patterns and techniques.  To learn is to keep the brain sharp.
     3)  Put more classes on line.
     4)  Designing some great new patterns.  I have some interesting things in the works.
     5)  Trying at least one new recipe or food each month.  I started this one early.  I tried a trifle recipe for Christmas day.  I used fruitcake crumbs from failed baking and pudding and rum.  I may have been a little too heavy handed with the rum.

Share a goal or resolution below.