Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fair Isle Sweater

Well, it appears as if I will have quite a bit of frogging to do.  Our son came over for lunch Sunday and so I could measure him.  It seems he has grown a bit since he was in 10th grade.  Who would have thought such a thing could happen?

Here is what it looks like right now before frogging.  I'm really sad about this too.  I felt like I had such a good start.  However, if it won't fit, it won't fit and better to frog and restart now than later.  Also, these yarns are wool.  When I questioned him, he wants something he can toss in the washer and dryer.  He knows he doesn't have room to lay flat to dry clothes.  He also doesn't want to be hand washing things.

Here is where I am in the knitting.  I found a pattern after a long search for a top down raglan that is seamless.  I am working the pattern stitch he had made for me to follow into this sweater and really the increases are easy since I'm "outlining" them in the black.  I started the neck area in black as well and did probably 6 or 7 rows before picking up the Fair Isle patterning.  Tonight as I counted rounds in the dark I have 50.   I need 55 before dividing for the sleeves.  Pics will be added soon.

For now, I will be knitting this in the light and awaiting the hurricane to come.  We have battened down every hatch, stocked up the pantry and then hubby added more, gassed up, and checked on family that needed checking on.  Now that the work is done, the extra storm work is done, I can concentrate on two projects, this sweater and making my display for Warm Up America.  I need to keep on track because I have a second sweater to do for a present for Christmas and want to have that done on Thanksgiving weekend.  Then all I have to do is a blue jean quilt for a third present by Christmas.

More details for WUA

New details for Warm Up America Kick Off!!

With so many blocks donated and the weather taking a turn for the worse with Hurricane Sandy on her way, we are having a joining party November 11 from 1 - 4 pm.  Yes this is a Sunday.  Yes this is Veteran's Day.  Please consider honoring a vet by helping with this endeavor.  

Blocks can be in any color you like.  Darker colors will tend to hide more of the wear and tear life can hand them as opposed to white or light colors.  Please do use washable fibers like acrylic.  Wool, while warmer, can be difficult for some to launder and not turn into a potholder.  Please do not use cotton, linen or bamboo for blocks.  Washable wool and acrylic don't hold the water like these plant fibers do.  Wool especially can be very warm while wet.  Acrylic less so.  Wet plant fibers just make people feel cold.  However, these fibers can be used to create facecloths for washing with.  Choose smooth patterns for this.

Joining yarns and hooks or needles will be available for use in the store for these afghans.  We will be using mainly the slip stitch method and single crochet method for joining.  Sewing the blocks together can be done but will take longer.  

Solid patterns for the blocks are encouraged since they are warmer than lacy patterns.  The gauge suggested is 5 stitches to the inch, tight enough to be warm but not so tight as to be stiff and armor like.  Garter stitch and stockinette stitch are quick to knit patterns.  Half double crochet and double crochet are quick to crochet and simple enough for most people.  Offset shells are also a nice pattern with enough variation to keep boredom at bay.

For more information, please check out  
There are more patterns available as well as a history of this charity.

All donations will stay local.  Our donation point will be as this is the local homeless shelter for men.  Women and children find shelter at Agape House.  While their main function is to help those battling addictions, they do have beds available to those in need.  

My manager has also suggested a canned good drive to benefit the local food pantry.  Donations can be dropped off in the same red box in the classroom.  Our donations for this will benefit (Lebanon County Christian Ministries).  LCCM hosts the daily noon meal which serves about 300 people a day, including those in the Meals on Wheels program.  For some this is the only meal they get.   

The donation box remains up year round.  These blocks can be done in the heat of summer without the burden of a large article in your lap.  Any foods that show up will be taken to LCCM.  They see an increase in meals over the summer when kids are home from school.

Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love Yarn Day ~ Weather ~ Warm Up America

Today is October 12.  That part is obvious from the calendar.  What is not so obvious is the weather.  Tonight, frost is expected.  This is early for our area.  Even the gardeners will agree to this.

Today is I Love Yarn Day.  Seems like a great time to spread the yarnie goodness.  Tonight I was at Michaels where I teach to help spread the love of fiber, whether you love acrylics, wools, plant fibers or other animal fibers.  Yarn is great for all sorts of things.  Knitting and crocheting are only 2 things.

Because today was I love yarn day and because the weather is cold by recent standards, I spent time tonight spreading the Warm Up America message.  I solicited squares, blocks, unloved and unwanted swatches for the cause.

For readers now and hopefully in the future, I would like to ask for 7 x 9 blocks.  If you are not a local reader, donate to your local collection place.  If you are local to me, please donate to Michaels.  There is a red collection box waiting for blocks.  I'm hosting a joining party the second weekend of November.  There will be more details posted here, on my facebook status, and on Lebanon Valley Knit 2-Gether Guild's page on Ravelry.  I will post more details in an email as well to everyone for whom I have an email address.

Patterns for the blocks can be found at  Look on the left side for the free patterns link.