Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tunisian Christmas Stocking Pattern Pt. 2

I have not forgotten.  I had misplaced the pattern on my computer.  By now your stocking leg should be about 11 inches long.  It's now time to work the heel.  You should have chosen if it's a one color or two color heel like the leg portion, one color chosen from the stocking colors or a completely different color.  For my sample, I have chosen to take one of the colors from the two I picked for my heel.

Heel:  Work in only one color if stocking is 2 color.  If you choose to do the heels and toes in other colors, now is the time to change.
Work the heel flap first across 30 sts.  Work flat Tunisian on these sts for 2 inches.
Heel Turn:  Working on left half of sts (15), draw up a loop,* sk 1 vertical bar, pull up loops in next 2. Rep from * across.  Work back across the vertical bars.  Rep these two steps until there are 4 vertical bars.  Fasten off.  Join yarn on the right hand side of the heel flap.  Repeat as for left half and join the halves by pulling a loop through the vertical bar of the left half, then wrap and pull through 2.  Once there are 4 vertical bars on both sides, it is time to start back around again.  Now is the time to cut color c if you changed the heel color from the rest of the stocking.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Arm Knitting -- It's What's New and Exciting

Today was the social event at Michaels for Arm Knitting.  I talked to a lot of people and even had two people complete a five foot long scarf each from the demo.  This mother daughter duo has it altogether and they are ready for whatever the weather forecast has in store for us tonight.  I don't want to know what it is.  They did their scarves in Cozy Wool with an awesome royal blue for the daughter and nice bright red for mom.

Sadly, I was so busy talking to people I got no pictures.  I'm not surprised by this though.  I tend to talk a lot when I really like something.

Classes for those who missed today's event can be registered at Michaels either in person or online.  I have three classes scheduled for March 29, April 12, April 26.  These are Saturdays and the classes are from 10 AM to 11 AM.  The cost is only $10 for the hour.  Patterns, instructions and hints and tips come your way in class.  As with all the classes, when you sign up, you will receive a syllabus with a list of supplies needed for the class and a bar code at the bottom for 10% off class supplies. 

What can you do with arm knitting???  All kinds of things.  Start with cowls or scarves, move up to shawls and bags (definitely not for small items) or even afghans.  Can a project be completed in an hour?  Yes it can.

Please note that the classes I teach are at the Lebanon, PA store.  Other stores have different class calendars.  I hope to see you there.

Monday, March 3, 2014

New and Exciting Classes + Class Schedule thru June

We have new and exciting classes to offer!!!  There are ruffle scarf classes for both knit and crochet and for each ruffle yarn available.  Some use special techniques, while others are generic.
We have the Crochet Spring Bunny, just in time for Easter.    

 We have Crochet Coasters in time for those cold summer beverages to sit on while we sip and complain how hot it is.  These are great to protect furniture.
 We have the crochet flower beanie for the early spring weather to help keep our toddlers warm.  What to do if you have a boy and not a girl?  Not to worry, choose boy colors and omit the flower.
 We have the crochet flower scarf.  This is a great fashion statement for early spring.

 We have the garter stitch head wrap for those early spring walks or runs.

 There is the Pompom Hat for those late winter/early spring snow showers.
 The knit scarf is great for when just a little warmth is wanted or some style.
 Here is the Knit Phone Cover, designed to protect your phone from scratches and falls.  It can be upsized or down sized as needed to protect your mP3 players/iPods or your eReaders and tablets.

All Classes are Mondays 6pm – 8:30pm
Crochet Beginner 1 – Skinny Scarf or Phone Cover
March 3     April 28     June 16
Crochet Beginner 2 – Pillow or Scarf
March 17     May 12     June 18
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Granny Square Scarf or Market Bag
March 31     May 27
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Cloche or Scarf
April 14     June 9

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

Yarn Nights are times for you to get a question answered about a stitch, yarn or pattern question that doesn’t require a full class.  You can also sit and stitch with me at this time
March 22     April 5     April 19     May 3     May 17
May 31     June 14     June 21

 Warm Up America Joining Parties are times to help join afghans blocks to help the homeless here in Lebanon with the donation of warm afghans.

March 9          March 23        April 6            April 27          May 4

All Classes are Wednesdays 6pm – 8:30pm, unless noted otherwise
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Hooded Baby Blanket
March  5
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Lace Wrap
March 19
Discover Time to Crochet Classes
Crochet Cables  April 16
Crocodile Stitch June 11

NEW CLASSES – Limited Time Only
Discover Crochet – Coasters
April 2     May 7     June 4
Discover Crochet – Flower Scarf
April 9                        May 21                        June 24
Discover Crochet – Flower Beanie
April 30                      May 14                        June 23
Discover Crochet -  Spring Bunny
April 23                      May 28                        June 25
Pom Pom Rug Class
April 26 12 – 2:30pm             May 24 12 – 2:30pm

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

All Classes are Thursdays 6 – 8:30 pm
Knit Beginner 1 – Hat or Wristwarmers 
March 6     May 1     June 19
Knit Beginner 2 – Neckwarmer or Tassel Hat
March 20     May 15     June 20
Knit Advanced Beginner – Hat or Legwarmers  
April 3     May 29
Knit Advanced Beginner – Cable Scarf or Fingerless Gloves
April 17     June 12

NEW  Arm Knitting  NEW
Demo – March 16
Classes 10-11AM            March 29   April 12      April 26
Please see a store associate for details about any classes

All Classes are Fridays 6 – 8:30 pm, unless otherwise noted
Knit Advanced Beginner – Baby Blanket/Booties or Baby Kimono
March 7
Knit Intermediate – Patchwork Blanket
March 21
Discover Time to Knit Classes
Sock class April 18                Intarsia            June 13
NEW CLASSES!  Limited Time Only
Discover Knit – Head Wrap
April 4            May 9              June 26
Discover Knit -   Phone Cover
                                                April 11          May 23            June 27                 
Discover Knit - PomPom Hat
April 25          May 16            June 6
Discover Knit – Scarf
May 2                        May 30                   June 30

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

Discover Kids Classes
All classes are Saturday mornings 9:30 – 11AM unless noted
Discover Kids Crochet 1 (Necklace and Bracelet) 
April 5
Discover Kids Crochet 2 (Zipper Pull)

March 8 cancelled due to Open House
April 19
Discover Kids Crochet 3 (Monsters)
March 22     May 3

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I finally have it....

And what is IT???  My mother's-in-law Christmas Hooded Scarf present.  You had the pattern.  Find the pattern here.   Now have the pictures.  

I was recently at my mother's-in-law house and actually remembered to ask her for a picture of her with her hooded scarf.   She loaned it to me instead.  She has worn it many times she says and it kept her warm and dry.  It looks great, letting me know the yarn (Loops & Threads Cozy Wool) holds up well in use.

When I designed it, I had in mind to style it as a deep hood that slouched down the back a la "The Chronicles of Narnia" movies.  My mother-in-law wears it pulled front and folded back the front edge for a framed look.  The scarf part could be worn long and have hands in pockets.  The scarf part could be worn wrapped around the neck and if stretched a bit, hands will still make it comfortably into the pockets.  The pockets are also convenient for keys and a little cash for a shopping adventure or tissues for those cold walks in the snow.  Lucky for her we don't get deep snow and this is a fun activity complete with hot chocolate/coffee/tea/mulled wine afterwards.  This post was written mostly before and during the Christmas holidays.  I'm editing it to add the pictures and fill in a few gaps I have found at the end of February.  Our current weather service count is 50 inches more or less of snow since the first week of January.  It has not all fallen at the same time, but it didn't melt before more fell.  Yes, my mother in law has had her scarf back before all this fell.

The pictures are with my daughter in law modeling.  She shows both the flipped back brim and the deeper look.  I also have a black and white photo that shows the details better than the red.  Sadly, I'm not sure what the setting on the camera was that got this for me.  I would learn more if I took more pictures, I guess.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The hottest new technique in knitting

What is the hottest new technique in knitting?  Arm knitting!

This technique has made headlines all over the country in newspapers and tv.  Have you seen it?  Have you tried it?  Do you want to know more about it???  

These are just 2 of the new patterns I have to offer for this new technique.  New classes are being planned for this.  Stay tuned for the dates and times.  There is also a demo planned for March 16 for this technique.


This is the Loops & Threads Cozy Wool Cowl.

This is a Shawl made from Vanna's Choice yarn from LionBrand.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Snowy Day and a New Pattern

Today started with a surprise.  We had been told on the radio and by the different internet weather services that we should expect a rain and snow mix and not a lot. We got more than expected and I got an afternoon off work.  Not too bad.  I got to work on the Tunisian Crochet Stocking I'm designing for my prayer shawl group.  Win-Win all around.

The pattern will follow.

I checked the weather again and discovered more to come for Tuesday and Saturday.  Fun for some, not so much for others.  But I know I will be getting in more design time and finish some projects.

Tunisian Christmas Stocking  Part 1

Materials needed:

8 oz worsted weight yarn (either one skein 8 oz. or 2 4 oz skeins in different colors)
2 oz worsted weight yarn for heel and toe, optional
Size US H hook, double ended Tunisian or cro hook

Ch 60.  Join with a sl st in first ch.  Be careful not to twist before joining.

R1a:  Working in the back loop of the chain, pick up a loop for each ch. You will only get part way around.

R1b:  Join either the other end or the other color.  With the other end of the hook, ch 1 through the end loop.  Now wrap the yarn around the hook and draw through the horizontal loop just created and the next vertical bar.  repeat this step until there are 3 or 4 loops on the hook and go back to R1a.

Continue in this manner around until the leg is 10 - 12 inches long from the beginning.  Stay tuned for the next installment.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Works in progress and nurturing new knitters

At a recent Christmas party, I had the great joy of helping a grand niece learn to use her knitting machine.  It's an updated version of one I received when I was about her age. Hers has more capabilities than mine did. My only complaint is it came with eyelash yarn.  This young lady let me know what I knew but didn't voice. This yarn in not easy for a beginner to learn with.  My solution? To give her yarn that I know I won't be using for whatever reason.  My problem? I could not find it anywhere. I just knew it was in certain storage containers. It took me three weeks and a nasty bout of stomach flu to find it. It was exactly where I put it. I had consolidated most of my stash in the way that makes sense to me.

Unfortunately the finding of stash coincided with some really cold (definitely Arctic) weather and our heat was lost. The air intake and exhaust were blocked by ice. No way was I going to pack yarn in 30* temps in my basement.  Now we have heat back and a new problem. But I can pack the yarn in relative warmth.   She will be getting a nice big box of assorted yarns and colors.

My new issue? We had a leak that is threatening our bedroom ceiling. My task is to clean out all the things I can so we can move the furniture out to replace the ceiling.  I'm finding projects I forgot about, projects I started and put aside, projects for classes, charity afghans for warm up America.

I decided to make two lists.  One of each UFO and who it is for, when it was started, when it is needed by.  The other list is who is on the gift list and three ideas for each.  Where I can I will be matching up these two lists.  So far I have almost twenty UFO s.

I also have an opportunity to put each project in its own bag. This will make it easier to grab something on my way out the door or as I sit down and relax.  When the list is finished, I will post it.  This might be better for holding me accountable and get things finished.