Monday, January 9, 2012

Another new thing for 2012

For those who like a little mystery in their crocheting and knitting, Bernat offers us this CAL/KAL.  There is still plenty of time to get the details.  It will start in February. 

2012 Waverly for Bernat Crochet-Along and Knit-Along

Welcome to the 2012 Waverly for Bernat Mystery Knit- and Crochet-Along! We know it's a bit of a mouthful, so from here on we'll be referring to it as the KAL/CAL. In this post you'll find everything you need to get started!

For more details click the link.  Everything you need will be there or on the Bernat forums.  Looks like it should be fun!

Also for the charity knitters and crocheters, Bernat hosts for ways to connect with charities in your area who are looking for your hand crafted items.  They also offer free patterns to this end.