Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How dependent on Electric we are

Well, Sunday night brought a turn of events no one expected.  It was raining and a little breezy and suddenly as I was finishing cooking supper (I'm happy for gas that I can light with a lighter) all the electric from pockets of town was gone.  (Transformers were taken out.  Some by trees and others by the wind that we didn't seem to have.)  We were in one of those pockets.  I have learned the difficulties faced by 19th century and earlier peoples in doing things by candlelight.  It was too chill for the doors to be open but too hot from all the candles to be completely closed up, which was needed to keep the candles lit.  I had to stop work on my ripple swatch in baby yarn.  I could not continue on the Granny Square Baby Cardigan which was also done with baby yarn.  I could and did work on a popcorn swatch and kept a neighbor from being stir crazy with worsted weight yarn and a crochet hook and she said she would work some granny squares for Warm Up America for me.

Warm Up America blocks are a great hot weather project as there is no great mass of yarn in your lap.  They work up quickly.  The blocks give you ample opportunity to practice different stitches.  A 7 x 9 inch block is a great swatch size to test drive.