Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love Yarn Day ~ Weather ~ Warm Up America

Today is October 12.  That part is obvious from the calendar.  What is not so obvious is the weather.  Tonight, frost is expected.  This is early for our area.  Even the gardeners will agree to this.

Today is I Love Yarn Day.  Seems like a great time to spread the yarnie goodness.  Tonight I was at Michaels where I teach to help spread the love of fiber, whether you love acrylics, wools, plant fibers or other animal fibers.  Yarn is great for all sorts of things.  Knitting and crocheting are only 2 things.

Because today was I love yarn day and because the weather is cold by recent standards, I spent time tonight spreading the Warm Up America message.  I solicited squares, blocks, unloved and unwanted swatches for the cause.

For readers now and hopefully in the future, I would like to ask for 7 x 9 blocks.  If you are not a local reader, donate to your local collection place.  If you are local to me, please donate to Michaels.  There is a red collection box waiting for blocks.  I'm hosting a joining party the second weekend of November.  There will be more details posted here, on my facebook status, and on Lebanon Valley Knit 2-Gether Guild's page on Ravelry.  I will post more details in an email as well to everyone for whom I have an email address.

Patterns for the blocks can be found at  Look on the left side for the free patterns link.