Saturday, March 2, 2013

Simple Shapes

I've been giving a lot of thought to simple shapes.  You know the kind, square, rectangle, triangle, circle.  There has been some small controversy over some projects offered for demos and classes and the like.  Some things are boring.  This could be true.  But then again, it might not.

As I've been going about my daily routines, my mind has been free to think on this.  The basic drop shoulder sweater is 4 rectangles (front, back, and both sleeves).  Kitchen linens are rectangles or squares.  Bath linens are rectangles or squares.  Basic fingerless mitts are rectangles.  Scarves are really really long rectangles or a series of squares or small rectangles.  Simple hats can be wide and short rectangles.  Long stocking caps are very long, thin triangles.  Coasters can be any shape to protect your furniture or floors.  Socks in their most basic profile are two rectangles with a square.  Skirts are usually rectangles but could be squares, depending on length.  Purses, bags and most other mundane things are rectangles or squares.  Circles can be almost anything but hats (tams) and skirts (circle with a hole in the middle) come to mind first with purses a close third.  Trapezoids, or triangles with one point cut off straight across, are great for A-line skirts and more importantly sleeves.

The purpose for these is making straight sides and ends, or if your aesthetic is asymmetrical, a straight slant that is consistent (but that is not a simple shape).  The real artistry lies in the patterns you choose to execute, the stitch pattern you choose to use once you have the basics and the embellishments you add to your projects.  Everyone starts with the same basics when learning to knit, crochet, quilt, sew.  It just needs broken down no matter what skill we are learning.  Sewing requires accurate cutting, straight seams and even hems to avoid the homemade look as opposed to a handmade look.  Quilting needs consistent seaming and straight cuts.  Knitting and crochet work need to have straight lines so you know that you are not increasing in unexpected places or a "perfect" circle so you know you are consistently increasing.

 How many shapes that are simple can you see in your life?