Sunday, August 18, 2013

Warm Up AMerica Joining Party

Today I held the first of the season Joining Party for the Warm Up America project.  I'm lucky to have enough blocks in assorted sizes to make 4 adult sized afghans and 1 child sized.  There are some pretty far out colors in some of the afghans (and some awkward sizes) but one of my former students came in and helped with the layout of some of the more challenging afghans.  Others were simple and all we had to do was count and make sure there were the requisite number to make the needed sizes.  

I have bagged and tagged the afghans so that all we have to do later is pull out a bag (complete with joining yarn and instructions) and get to work.  BL and I had a good time catching up while we joined after getting the challenges dealt with.  They will look great if I do say so myself.

I will post pictures of finished afghans and, if I'm lucky and remember, of the ladies and gentlemen who may be helping with the joining.  Our afghans at the Lebanon store will be going to Lebanon HOPES, our new homeless shelter.  Click here for the local newspaper article giving more details about it.  This was started last October (2012) and is a joint effort of the Jubilee Ministries and Lebanon County Christian Ministries along with several churches.

Thanks to all the people who donated blocks.  No matter the sizes, all can be used.  We may have to add to some or take away from others but every piece is welcome.  I'm willing to accept all the failed swatches that have no loving home as well as the practice pieces we all create then don't know what to do with.