Thursday, October 10, 2013

What can I do with...?

I get questions from students and others about what can I do with my swatches etc.  To this end, I gathered from the internet a list of ideas for these.

Swatches aside (these should go into a journal of knit/crochet projects with the ball band pattern and a sheet of notes for the next time you want to make the project.  This is what the very organized knitter/crocheter does.  I'm not that organized.) granny squares and mitered squares can be used for many more things than just afghans.  Although this idea is a good one.

You can use a mid sized block for a dish cloth or hot pad, smaller ones make great coasters to protect furniture from drinks.  Fold one in half and you can use it for a cell phone cozy, tissue case, eye glass case and more.  Sachets from one or two  squares stuffed with either cotton balls dipped with a drop or two of essential oil or stuffed with dried flowers make nice gifts when you need a lot and are short on time.

Have 8 or 9 small to medium sized?  How about a "cushion" for the back of a wooden rocker or a seat cushion?  Double them with different colors on each side that coordinate and you have a reversible and possibly stuffed cushion.  Purses, totes, and backpacks are also good ideas.  Wallets can be fashioned from 6 squares.  Coin purses can be made from 2.

There are patterns for slippers from squares, You could join a few of smaller ones and make headbands, bookmarks or hat brims.  Have a bunch?  Ponchos are sort of still in style.  Baby cocoons are also popular rather than wrapping in blankets.