Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blurry pictures and all

I'm posting the blurry pictures anyway.  They are not as bad as I thought.  They also aren't as good as I hoped.  However, here they are along with the beautiful mother to be.

For the tree trunk i used a Styrofoam cone.  I don't know how that will work out in the long run.  Time will tell.  I also had asked my husband for something to use as a base.  My grass was ruffly, even after I ripped it out and redid it due to having too many stitches.  I told him the diameter I wanted and how many holes along the edge I needed.  He gave me a Plexiglas  circle that did exactly what I needed.  The tree was now stable and my grass stretched and unruffled.


I didn't do the fancy stitching at the edge for the grass.  I had run out of time by that point and could no longer fiddle with it.  The stitch asked for in the pattern is one I have not been able to do evenly for many years.  As you can see, I am missing the tiger and monkey.  Those will be done for when the baby is born along with 2 turtles.  More about those soon.
Our niece when she figures out what it all is..