Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Fun

Summer will officially start at the end of this week.  Summer started unofficially in May with Memorial Day.  This past month has been hot, warm, cool, sunny, cloudy and rainy.  The weather might be confusing but my knitting and crochet projects aren't.

I'm working on the Tunisian crochet table cover, the knit phone cover, the jersey pillow (the yarn reminds me of my husband's old comfortable t shirts), and the crocodile stitch stole I designed for class.  So far, the table cover is good.  The phone cover is too big.  I need to reduce my needle size, probably by 2 sizes.  The jersey pillow is soft and smooth.  The stole is fuzzy.  I started this with Paton's Lace in Aran color.  The fuzzy yarn doesn't work well with black or navy colored clothes.  It sheds a bit.  It could be my dogs but I don't think so since they are short haired and this is long and lightly kinked.  I'm looking forward to this being done since I intended it for summer for those times when I go to dinner and am seating right in the blast zone of the AC or the store I go to is frigid (grocery store frozen foods aisle I'm looking at you).  

Make a note these are smaller projects.  I will also be starting work on the kids weaving class projects with the weaving sticks soon, also small projects.  What will I do when these are done?  I plan to work on other small projects.  I will also be working on my church's festival for 2 weeks in July.  I won't be teaching those weeks or really be in touch with things.  I won't even be knitting or crocheting.  I know it's hard to believe but I work shortened hours at my day job, long hours at the festival and by the time I get home and showered, I'm too tired.

I know I will be working on Warm Up America blocks.   I keep yarn and hooks/needles stashed in both vehicles for the down times as well as scratch paper for notes.  I will be working on new stitch patterns good for this effort.  I don't know about you all but I get bored with garter, seed, stockinette, single crochet, double crochet and the like.  I need a little pattern to liven my work up.  I might have a post stitch design or a shell pattern.  It all depends on what hits me in the off moment and what I see when I look out the window to inspire me.

Aside from all this fun and excitement, I look forward to seeing family and friends for cookouts and picnics, the fireworks for the 4th, fresh fruit from our trees and bushes.  Our strawberry patch has already produced a pint or so.  I know there are car shows and carnivals coming up as well.

What kind of fiber fun are you looking forward to?