Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a quick flower posting

I have patterns for all the ornaments for the ornament classes with one exception.  The flower.  I can't devote much time to it for another week.  But I do think about it in odd little moments when carnival thoughts allow it in.

I have the basics worked out.  I'm just having trouble with finding an increase that works like I want.  I even asked my husband one morning at breakfast what he thought of using yarn overs.  Before you all yell that he won't understand, this is one he does.  He knows this makes a hole.  He didn't like it.  I did a petal in it anyway to see what it would look like.  Jury is still out on my thoughts.  I might pull out "The Principles of Knitting" to see what I can find there that is along my thoughts for increases.

For the crochet ornament class, there will be a stocking, bird, butterfly, popcorn garland with and without cranberries and a stocking.  For the knit ornament class I have planned for a stocking, a sweater, a hat, a bell and this flower.  Some patterns will have size variants or variations to make it look different but still the same.

Pictures will come in 2 weeks.  Next week is the carnival and I have a ton of details to finish for my jobs.  These are all last minute things that can't be done ahead of time.  Then comes the carnival and a day of rest.  Two Mondays from now will be clean up day and then I'm back in teaching mode again.

Have a safe July.