Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

Belatedly, happy thanksgiving to everyone.  I didn't get the chance to post my well wishes earlier, I was cooking and cleaning.  Well truthfully, my husband vacuumed for me (this was a major undertaking).  I was working out my timetable for the big meal and waiting to find out when everyone was actually going to arrive.  The meal was good.  Not all my sides made an appearance as scheduled.  That is OK.  I was thankful for the people who made it safely here.  I also thought about my sister who had to go to work after dinner with all the holiday shoppers.  Some of them are a little little crazy and a few are dangerous.

Some of my holiday preps were halted by the installation on new plumbing fixtures.  Definitely nice but differences in the old sizes to the new made our job longer than estimated.  Our family now has a shower head that will get the soap out of my hair.  A rainfall head is really nice, but I found that the soap didn't wash out of my thick hair as well as I wanted.  We also have a new goose neck kitchen faucet with on-board  sprayer and now a soap dispenser.  Nice to have but caught up in the preps for holidays, I didn't get the chance to fully appreciate the work.  I have now.

Another new thing in my life is that I quit my day job.  I won't be out completely but I won't be going in every day or so.  I can now concentrate on classes, teaching, designing and regaining classroom space.  Keep your eyes peeled for a new schedule.  I will be working on that this weekend as well as partying.  One family get together is this weekend.  This is the smaller of the 2.  We are ready.  I hope.....

Merry Christmas and I will keep you posted.

Classes do make great presents as well.