Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Local Yarn Shop (lys)

My Local Yarn Shop.  Those words should invoke a warm wooly feeling with sure knowledge that help can be a few short miles away. Sadly not everyone can have such a rich resource near them.  Even more sad, shops are closing due to online sales and poor economy.  Online sales can give us access to a plethora of choices in fiber and color.

I am lucky enough to have wonderful shops to the North, South,  East and West  of my home within two hours or less.  These, coupled with the big box stores, give me access to many fibers and colors, as well as a wide variety of price points. 

Allow me to give a glimpse into the shops.  Most have a selection of acrylic yarns in weights,  colors and prices.  There are wools again in a selection of weight,  colors and prices.   There are blends, wool/acrylic,  cotton/acrylic, wool/cotton,  cotton/linen,  wool/alpaca,  you name it,  I can point you to a shop where it can be found.

Classes, books, magazines are available in a variety of levels of experience.  The teachers are knowledgeable and sometimes nationally recognized.   Class needs are just an arm's length away if something was forgotten.   Help can always be found for small questions or problems, although the shop owners usually prefer that the project components were purchased at the shop.

Some of the big box craft stores also have teachers from the local area.  Many of these people are wonderful help with problems,  questions and choices about projects.   Check your big box craft store and lys.  You will be amazed at the variety found.