Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Open House!

Open House is a little more than a week away.  I'm getting things ready to show off and hopefully inspire people to create and maybe even want to take some lessons.

In response to a class I recently taught on granny squares, I have been adding to that portion of my curriculum.  I have added advanced granny squares and now a sweater of grannies.  All I have left on the sweater is button bands, collar and cuffs.  Baby clothes are a wonderful way to play with techniques and patterns to see if you will get the desired effect before committing to a lot of time and money in yarn if you won't like the finished article.

I have also been working on my samples for classes.  There are some really interesting things in the advanced beginner classes.  The baby rattle is my favorite so far. 

Pictures will be forthcoming of finished items.  I just have to find my camera cords.  They disappeared at Christmastime and have not resurfaced.  I could use my cell phone's camera feature, but the pictures from there are not the best quality for seeing detail.

Remember to tell a friend, classes are all on sale on March 3.  Wilton's classes are a different percentage off than the rest.  Knit, Crochet, Bead, Knack, Scrapbooking, and the fine painting are off 25%.  Class schedules should be available and paperwork in the book.  Come join us for the fun!

March's Discover Time for Crochet class will be Tunisian Crochet.  I will be starting off with learning the basic afghan stitch and moving forward from there.  April's Class will be Hairpin Lace.  There is more to this lace pattern than meets the eye.

March's Discover Time for Knit class will be double knitting.  This is a wonderful technique that can have so many applications.  April's Class will be all about learning some of the more advanced techniques that you use in knitting that don't get explained too well in written instructions.  These techniques also have many uses, some of which I will go over.  None of these techniques are involved enough to need an entire class but are still worth learning.  Some covered will be short rows, Kitchener, and i-cord.