Thursday, August 23, 2012

Must Share the Good News

Being part of a fairly large family on my husband's side, we have many nieces and nephews.  I have good news that one niece had a son a couple months ago.  Congratulations to Raquel and her son.  Tonight I was given the good news of another niece presenting the family with a son as well.  Mother and son are doing well, but baby is premature.  I will make a few things for this little fellow until he can grow into newborn sizes.

All the patterns I will be using come from Bev's Country Cottage  Bev very generously shares patterns she created when her own child was born prematurely.  Some are for knitting,  Some are for crocheting.  Some are for sewing.  A few are taking advantage of the knitting looms available.  Others have contributed their own patterns and variations of patterns.  I will be using easy care, hypo-allergenic acrylic yarns for the patterns I choose.  A lot of babies that size have sensitivities to animal fibers or harsh plant fibers.

And now back to the hooks and needles.  There's a little boy who's a touch under dressed.  Hopefully I can get pictures and get them uploaded.

In progress, I have a granny square afghan made from lion brand's homespun in the colorway ocean.  I will be putting a border of pale blue bunny tail around the outside edge.  I also have a cardigan/diaper shirt started with pound of love in light blue.  I'm doing the preemie size with a G hook.  I also printed the going home outfit and will be doing that one once others are done.

This is the preemie set

Two views of the granny blanket

 Newborn sized hat and sweater  The pattern is the 5 hour baby sweater with optional bonnet done in the boy version.
Baby Jae