Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

It's been so long since I last posted.  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year! 

Work has flown by since Thanksgiving.  I had a large project to do at my day job and it took a while to get it half decent.  I have discovered some things though.  One, I hate glitter and am very glad I had two sons.  They didn't have the glitter love that most girls I'm acquainted with have.  Two, I'm allergic or sensitive (depends on how old your definition is I think) to not only glitter but the fake greenery out at Christmastime.  I had rashes for a while on both arms.  Three, some ideas should be allowed to die or followed through to the over the top end and look spectacular.

We have also had some small tragedies since Thanksgiving.  Our truck died but is now fixed.  Our oven died and I thought I was out of my holiday baking job.  That job was saved by a sister in law who graciously not only allowed me to set up my bakery in her kitchen but did a goodly portion of the baking for me and all the clean up.  Our older son and his girlfriend could not come home for Christmas.  That was very disappointing but also allowed me to postpone their gift creation.  Our younger son was in a car accident after Christmas.  He is fine with the exception of an ER visit and a rear ended car and a concussion.  

As a result of these events and having more classes than I anticipated, the sweater for our younger son is sadly still on the needles.  At this moment I need to do a repeat of the neck pattern on the sleeves and neck ribbing.  Weaving ends will complete it.  Even if I had finished it for Christmas day (it needed a sleeve and a half), we discovered that the sleeves were too short in spite of my measurements.

all things work out though and I can leisurely finish it tomorrow.  I'm finally going to have time to myself.