Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I finally have it....

And what is IT???  My mother's-in-law Christmas Hooded Scarf present.  You had the pattern.  Find the pattern here.   Now have the pictures.  

I was recently at my mother's-in-law house and actually remembered to ask her for a picture of her with her hooded scarf.   She loaned it to me instead.  She has worn it many times she says and it kept her warm and dry.  It looks great, letting me know the yarn (Loops & Threads Cozy Wool) holds up well in use.

When I designed it, I had in mind to style it as a deep hood that slouched down the back a la "The Chronicles of Narnia" movies.  My mother-in-law wears it pulled front and folded back the front edge for a framed look.  The scarf part could be worn long and have hands in pockets.  The scarf part could be worn wrapped around the neck and if stretched a bit, hands will still make it comfortably into the pockets.  The pockets are also convenient for keys and a little cash for a shopping adventure or tissues for those cold walks in the snow.  Lucky for her we don't get deep snow and this is a fun activity complete with hot chocolate/coffee/tea/mulled wine afterwards.  This post was written mostly before and during the Christmas holidays.  I'm editing it to add the pictures and fill in a few gaps I have found at the end of February.  Our current weather service count is 50 inches more or less of snow since the first week of January.  It has not all fallen at the same time, but it didn't melt before more fell.  Yes, my mother in law has had her scarf back before all this fell.

The pictures are with my daughter in law modeling.  She shows both the flipped back brim and the deeper look.  I also have a black and white photo that shows the details better than the red.  Sadly, I'm not sure what the setting on the camera was that got this for me.  I would learn more if I took more pictures, I guess.