Monday, March 3, 2014

New and Exciting Classes + Class Schedule thru June

We have new and exciting classes to offer!!!  There are ruffle scarf classes for both knit and crochet and for each ruffle yarn available.  Some use special techniques, while others are generic.
We have the Crochet Spring Bunny, just in time for Easter.    

 We have Crochet Coasters in time for those cold summer beverages to sit on while we sip and complain how hot it is.  These are great to protect furniture.
 We have the crochet flower beanie for the early spring weather to help keep our toddlers warm.  What to do if you have a boy and not a girl?  Not to worry, choose boy colors and omit the flower.
 We have the crochet flower scarf.  This is a great fashion statement for early spring.

 We have the garter stitch head wrap for those early spring walks or runs.

 There is the Pompom Hat for those late winter/early spring snow showers.
 The knit scarf is great for when just a little warmth is wanted or some style.
 Here is the Knit Phone Cover, designed to protect your phone from scratches and falls.  It can be upsized or down sized as needed to protect your mP3 players/iPods or your eReaders and tablets.

All Classes are Mondays 6pm – 8:30pm
Crochet Beginner 1 – Skinny Scarf or Phone Cover
March 3     April 28     June 16
Crochet Beginner 2 – Pillow or Scarf
March 17     May 12     June 18
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Granny Square Scarf or Market Bag
March 31     May 27
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Cloche or Scarf
April 14     June 9

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

Yarn Nights are times for you to get a question answered about a stitch, yarn or pattern question that doesn’t require a full class.  You can also sit and stitch with me at this time
March 22     April 5     April 19     May 3     May 17
May 31     June 14     June 21

 Warm Up America Joining Parties are times to help join afghans blocks to help the homeless here in Lebanon with the donation of warm afghans.

March 9          March 23        April 6            April 27          May 4

All Classes are Wednesdays 6pm – 8:30pm, unless noted otherwise
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Hooded Baby Blanket
March  5
Crochet Advanced Beginner – Lace Wrap
March 19
Discover Time to Crochet Classes
Crochet Cables  April 16
Crocodile Stitch June 11

NEW CLASSES – Limited Time Only
Discover Crochet – Coasters
April 2     May 7     June 4
Discover Crochet – Flower Scarf
April 9                        May 21                        June 24
Discover Crochet – Flower Beanie
April 30                      May 14                        June 23
Discover Crochet -  Spring Bunny
April 23                      May 28                        June 25
Pom Pom Rug Class
April 26 12 – 2:30pm             May 24 12 – 2:30pm

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

All Classes are Thursdays 6 – 8:30 pm
Knit Beginner 1 – Hat or Wristwarmers 
March 6     May 1     June 19
Knit Beginner 2 – Neckwarmer or Tassel Hat
March 20     May 15     June 20
Knit Advanced Beginner – Hat or Legwarmers  
April 3     May 29
Knit Advanced Beginner – Cable Scarf or Fingerless Gloves
April 17     June 12

NEW  Arm Knitting  NEW
Demo – March 16
Classes 10-11AM            March 29   April 12      April 26
Please see a store associate for details about any classes

All Classes are Fridays 6 – 8:30 pm, unless otherwise noted
Knit Advanced Beginner – Baby Blanket/Booties or Baby Kimono
March 7
Knit Intermediate – Patchwork Blanket
March 21
Discover Time to Knit Classes
Sock class April 18                Intarsia            June 13
NEW CLASSES!  Limited Time Only
Discover Knit – Head Wrap
April 4            May 9              June 26
Discover Knit -   Phone Cover
                                                April 11          May 23            June 27                 
Discover Knit - PomPom Hat
April 25          May 16            June 6
Discover Knit – Scarf
May 2                        May 30                   June 30

Please see a store associate for details about any classes

Discover Kids Classes
All classes are Saturday mornings 9:30 – 11AM unless noted
Discover Kids Crochet 1 (Necklace and Bracelet) 
April 5
Discover Kids Crochet 2 (Zipper Pull)

March 8 cancelled due to Open House
April 19
Discover Kids Crochet 3 (Monsters)
March 22     May 3

Please see a store associate for details about any classes