Saturday, March 7, 2015


I've been looking forward to 2015.  I have made a decision.  Well, more than two decisions were made.  The only things I will be starting will be for me. I will be finishing my UFOs.  I will no longer be teaching at Michaels.  As of April 1, my classes there are done.

I came to this first decision after 2 things happened, I listened to the Knitmore girls podcast, episode 311 in which they talk about being Grinch-y during the holiday season and only knitting for yourself and after I went to get ready for a round of family holiday parties and learned I had "nothing" to wear.  OK, not entirely true but my general wardrobe for work for my day job is jeans and t-shirts with sweatshirts.  My teaching wardrobe is black slacks and beige shirts or the opposite, not necessarily the most festive in appearance or feeling even with jewelry or accessories that I don't have in abundance.

So in Jasmin Knitmore style, I have made a decision that this year I will do only new projects for myself and I will be working on finishing projects that have been sitting languishing in my UFO bin.  This will also gain me quite a few Christmas presents for this coming holiday. As I finish things I will be sharing pictures and who will get what.

As to the third decision, this was not made lightly and doesn't need to be gone into.  I like them all very much and will miss seeing them on a regular basis. They made my time there extremely good for me.  I wish them all the best with future endeavors.  I know I will be stopping in from time to time to visit too.