Monday, March 9, 2015

My Christmas Gift Giving List

I have many plans for Christmas Gifts this year.  I do every year but I have hopes for this year given my "resolution" for 2015.

For my daughter in law, I have Corrine.  This is a ballet style sweater being knit in magenta worsted.  I will have to check the brand of yarn and needle size.  For her also, at her request, several pairs of slippers and fingerless gloves.  She wore out the previous ones.

For my older son, I plan a sweater.  No plans for pattern, color or yarn.

For my younger son, I plan several pairs of wool socks in varying weights.  He has size 12 feet.

For my sister, I plan a scarf in sock weight yarn in an orange, white, black variegated.  The pattern will be a tiger cable.  I will probably use size US 4 needles.  She has a special place in her heart for tigers.

For my husband, I have no ideas.  Since he is more of a jeans and tshirt man, I know I won't be doing a sweater for him.

For my mother and father in law, I have no ideas.