Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Joining Class prep work

I'm offering next week joining classes for both knitting and crocheting.  I've done a bunch of these over the years and some are completely different from anything I've seen.

To prepare for the crochet class, I have made 48 4inch blocks, so far.  These are a combination of granny squares and blocks made in rows.  Each pair will be a different join.  Some are variations on a theme.  I'm doing the joins now.  Some are sewn.  Many are crochet.  Quite a number are JAYGo, This means join as you go.

My next part is to do a similar number of knit blocks.  There are fewer methods for joining knitting.  Most will involve a crochet hook or yarn needle.  A couple will involve knitting needles.

A picture will show up soon of some of them.