Monday, April 18, 2016

Warm Weather, Weeds and Knitting

The weather has become unseasonably warm in my little corner of the woods, 80*F today give or take.  Courtesy of the rain that fell early in April, ALL the chives in my garden are up.  I have to wonder what I have to do to get rid of them.  I've been digging them up.  I hack off their flower balls.  And still they come.  I'm hoping my dog will give them nitrogen burn but even that is a lost hope.  They are flourishing in the yard where they escaped to.  I have to get some of my other herbs in but will wait just a bit yet.  I can't wait for my tomatoes and other crops to be ready to go in.

In addition tothe weed chives (yes I can call them weeds.  No restaurant could use this many), my beds are full of crab grass mixed around my iris and tulip and hyacinth.  There are some weeds I can't identify.  My dandelion are missing.  Dandes are tasty with hot bacon dressing.

I'm going to have to dig out my yellow delicious apple tree.  Not only is it laying on its side but the trunk has split.  I thought hubby was not seeing correctly but I was wrong.  I also found out finally why it kept falling over.  The root stock is such that it needed to be staked at all times.

Yes all these things are growing rampantly while I have been knitting and designing.  I finally have all my patterns for classes written.  I'm working up samples.  What's the one thing I have not been working on?  I'm glad you asked.  The advent shawl/scarf times five for the ladies of my family for Christmas.  I seem to have a terrible work habit.  I will get back on track.