Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving Knitting and Crocheting

How many of you do it?  I will admit to not doing this every year.  I will even admit to not doing something crafty for every Thanksgiving.  Once upon a time, I had a stuffed turkey that I made from one of those cut and sew panels.  He was neat but had to be propped.  He had a tilt problem.  One year I did pilgrims that had to have dowel rods implanted to stand.  I did crocheted napkin rings one year (they got tossed as they didn't do things as I intended).

This year is no different.  I'm not doing any crafty thing for Thanksgiving.  However, I did find a cute pattern on Red Heart for crocheted Pilgrims.  Here is their picture.

 Maybe next year.  Maybe not.  I'm finding I don't really need more stuff sitting around my house especially with a slew of animals who like to play with stuffed toys, even if they aren't meant to be toys.

I would like to have napkin rings again, but the trick is to use the right yarn and last time I didn't.  I used something that had a lot of stick to it.  That caused them to curl when slid over the napkins.  I will also do something better like make them larger, but not by much, a mercerized cotton or a nice washable silk would be much slippier.  I was also thinking about making the decoration detachable, acorns for autumn, pumpkins for Halloween, turkeys for Thanksgiving, eggs for Easter, flags for Flag day/Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day, and so on.  These could be done in beads or beaded crochet/knit on very small thread so they aren't overwhelming.  They can also be done when free time arrives.  Plain rings are just fine too.

I also know I will NOT be out and about on black Friday, nor any other day of that weekend.  I will be home working on presents, like my son's sweater.  Pictures will be coming as soon as I get the camera charged.  I will also be doing at least some of my holiday decorating, planning my baking, and getting ready for holiday visitors.