Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Needle and Hook Storage Issue

I'm working my way through a small dilemma.  I have needles and hooks for my knitting and crocheting.  I have collected them through my years of stitching.  I have a lot, not as many as some people, but more than most I suspect.

I have multitudes of knitting needles in 14 inch length.  I have at least 2 pairs in 10 inch length.  I have way more circulars than I know what to do with in my house.  (I may use them to teach at a local school, but that is another time.)  I have at least 2 sets of each size double points in 7 inch lengths.  I have several oddball lengths of double points.  I have 4 cases (if you have ever seen a yarn catalog, you know the thing I mean.  If not, click here.) of crochet hooks.  They all have aluminum and plastic yarn hooks filled to overflowing.  Only 2 have the smaller steel hooks.

This list doesn't even begin to cover the needles and hooks that are in projects that are being worked on, taking a break, hibernating or waiting for frogging.  This list also doesn't take into account the needles that have been loaned out to someone who needed something while I was out and about.  I also have some in my purse and vehicles for "emergencies".  You never know when these might come in handy.

Currently they live in a their assorted cases or not in a cardboard box under my bed.  It's a sad thing.  In talking with another woman at my knitting guild, I learned that she kept her needles and hooks and notions in a vanity or train case that she found while visiting antique shops and thrift stores.  (See her blog here)  This is just right for the long 14 inchers and all the rest.  Thinking this is a great idea and a good way to utilize something I might already have, I checked my luggage.  No such luck.  

I then began my hunt through local thrift stores and Michaels for an alternative.  Michaels has some really nice paper boxes (see these as an example of some scrap booking paper storage boxes) but they are not large enough for my intention.  I have been to every thrift store in my town and the antique market (think indoor flea market with antique prices) looking for something.  I could kick myself to bypassing a nice wicker picnic basket a few days before this conversation.  I even carried it around with me for a while, put it down and repeated several times before a final lay down.  This would have been perfect for my loom knitting stuff to be kept together.

I will keep an eye out.  I will try to go to yard sales and the flea market a little more often to see what I can find.  If you have any ideas how to solve this quickly, let me know.  I'm open to options.