Sunday, February 17, 2013

Patterns abroad

I subscribe to some blogs from other countries.  I don't speak any language well with the exception of English.  I can get my point across in Spanish given enough time and possibly a dictionary.  I don't read any language sadly.  However....

I have found that non English patterns have one of two things going for them.  They are either charts with a finished picture.  Or they are easily copy and pasted into Google translator.  With a translate program, you might not always get the whole thing in an understandable instruction but you can usually figure it out.  European languages are easiest it appears.  Asian and Middle Eastern are a bit harder for this program.

Thankfully, Asian and Middle Eastern patterns that I have found are usually charted.  If you can read charts, this is a great resource for you.  I'm sure there are patterns that are written but I have not seen them, nor have I searched for them.

Why am I telling you about these?  Other countries do such interesting things with their crafting.  Things I have not seen in American patterns before.

Three of my favorites are!/pages/Crendo-Giocndo/194797540599902

The top one is in Portuguese and comes from Brazil.  The middle one is a facebook page and I think you have to join facebook in order to access the page.  This is an Italian page but everything is laid out like pinterest pins or is charted.  Sadly, I'm too old for some of the ideas I saw but I have a soon to be daughter in law who isn't.  The bottom one is in Russian.  Google translate will be a great help here.  This woman has a lot of great patterns and ideas.

I have seen a lot of Japanese patterns scattered all over but I don't have a site I frequent.  Do you have an international blog that you follow for patterns?  Are you an international reader who posts patterns?  Please share.