Friday, February 1, 2013

Warm Up America

I have delivered our first installment of afghans to our local homeless shelter, Lebanon Hopes.  This is a new endeavor for our county.  Five full sized afghans and a baby afghan were delivered.  Pictures will be posted.  A great many thanks to all who donate to this worthy cause, whether it's joining or the actual squares.  

While there, I asked for more information about Lebanon Hopes than was in our local newspaper.  See the article here.  The Resource Center has hours 8 - 4 each day with a case manager on duty.  There is also a kitchenette, a playroom, a quiet room (for those who don't feel well), shower facilities and a computer to aid with job searching.  The nights are spent in local church social halls.   

Sadly I think this service is going to become more and more needed in the near future.  For those able to donate time or resources to creating afghans, please continue to do so.  It is appreciated by everyone involved.

Links here are for Warm Up America and the requirements for blocks or whole afghans.  

Block Patterns 

Warm Up America History

Afghan Joining requirements  There are three ways I like to join.  The first is the mattress stitch as promoted by the Craft Yarn Council.  The second is by slip stitching in crochet on the right or wrong side of the blocks.  The third is by single crocheting over the edges of both blocks.

Here in Lebanon we accept any orphans or swatches that you no longer want as well as blocks made from the basic patterns for blocks.  Gauge should be kept at 5 stitches to the inch.  This helps keep the user warm.