Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tunisian Christmas Stocking Pattern Pt. 2

I have not forgotten.  I had misplaced the pattern on my computer.  By now your stocking leg should be about 11 inches long.  It's now time to work the heel.  You should have chosen if it's a one color or two color heel like the leg portion, one color chosen from the stocking colors or a completely different color.  For my sample, I have chosen to take one of the colors from the two I picked for my heel.

Heel:  Work in only one color if stocking is 2 color.  If you choose to do the heels and toes in other colors, now is the time to change.
Work the heel flap first across 30 sts.  Work flat Tunisian on these sts for 2 inches.
Heel Turn:  Working on left half of sts (15), draw up a loop,* sk 1 vertical bar, pull up loops in next 2. Rep from * across.  Work back across the vertical bars.  Rep these two steps until there are 4 vertical bars.  Fasten off.  Join yarn on the right hand side of the heel flap.  Repeat as for left half and join the halves by pulling a loop through the vertical bar of the left half, then wrap and pull through 2.  Once there are 4 vertical bars on both sides, it is time to start back around again.  Now is the time to cut color c if you changed the heel color from the rest of the stocking.