Sunday, September 1, 2013

Being ahead or behind.....

I was reading the yarn harlot's post here.  And it got me thinking about the list I posted yesterday and edited today to include a couple things I forgot. 

Of those on the list, only a few have concrete deadlines.  The sweater for the certification was due a couple days ago.  The new yarns projects are due by September 20 at the latest.  The swatch of the month for the free knit and free crochet stitch patterns are due for the last weekend of the month.  Most of the rest, no one except me and maybe my husband knows about them.  And I'm very good at shifting priorities to get things done "on time".

I am stressing about the sweater not being done, but I know that I had some other, more important work to do when I should have been working on it.  I was taking care of my husband after his accident.  I tried making up for it by working on certification things when I could during less work weeks and on our recent trip.  I got a lot of work done but not on the sweater.  Could I have done more?  Maybe, but again I was being a nurse during part of the trip, chauffeur for part of the trip, mother/mother-in-law, and sight seer.   We saw incredible sites.  We met incredible, interesting, funny and lovable people. 
  The point for this post is to remind me and you, the reader, to go easy on yourself.  Things will get done when they get done.  It would be nice to say I'm going to give everyone on my Christmas gift list a hand crafted x.  It would also be nice to hear that I've won Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes/Mrs. America pageant/the lottery.  Those things all have the same probability of happening.  I know my odds on the last 3.  I don't enter lotteries or beauty pageants.  When I buy raffle tickets, I consider them a donation to whatever organization is selling them.