Friday, September 20, 2013

Stress and Crocheting or Knitting

Something interesting came across my email this morning.  I subscribe to The Simple Dollar daily newsletter from and have for many years when I was attempting to find ways to cut our budget so we could do more things we enjoyed.  In reading today's offering, this was in the middle with the questions.

Q2: Handling work stress
Whenever I feel stressed out by work, I seem to unconsciously fall back into “retail therapy” as a treatment. The only problem is that it usually adds to the stress because now I have a credit card to deal with.

- Angie
The solution, of course, is to find a different way to deal with your stress.  The effective stress-reducer depends heavily on the person. For me, playing a game or reading a book reduces my stress, as does spending time with friends and alone with my wife. Escapism and human relationships work for me.  Try different channels for reducing stress. If you feel stressed out, try going to the gym and punching a bag or running.  You've just got to find what clicks for you.

It's been proven that the rhythm of crocheting and knitting will reduce stress levels.  Reducing stress is a good thing.  Keeping small projects with you in various rooms of the house, in the car, your purse, in your desk are all great ways to take the edge off when life hands you more than you can handle.

Learning the basics can be stressful at first for some.  Once you have them down though, the repetitive nature of forming the stitches can be like a rocking chair for small children or a boat on the waves lulling you into calmness without the motion sick factor.