Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Mistake and how to correct

*****Imaginary mistake - put aside and take a break.*******

This one can be the most frustrating, especially if you don't realize you don't need to fix something but rip it anyway.   

Many knitters and Crocheters have had at least one experience with this.  Some have it each week,  some are luckier and only have to deal with this type of mistake on a monthly or yearly basis.
It depends on many different things.  Those of us who are social knitters and crocheters might imbibe beverages that can affect our knitting.   For me, that is more along the line of high caffeine than alcoholic.   I've read other blogs where beer can do the same thing.   Even if it's not what you ingest, it could be the company.  I'm not implying your friends are terrible.  On the contrary, they are so interesting or funny you forget yourself.  Laughter can be worse than any substance taken internally.  The after spasms can seem to last forever.

I don't want to discourage social knit and crochet.  I'm all for it.  But we all know that fascinating conversations or fun times like game night at the tavern can make us forget about the pattern. It might be better to work on some easy projects instead of a complex lace or color work project.  However, the next day,  Look at your project closely if you think you made a mistake.   Be sure you are at the part in the pattern you thought you were.  It could be that you got further than originally thought.  
Crocheting and knitting while overly tired can cause a second guess of progress made.  I've done it more than once.  deadlines and insomnia are just a couple of reasons why I work late at night.