Wednesday, September 28, 2016

slip stitch knitting

Recently my guild did a presentation on slip stitch knitting.  The choice of what direction to take the class was a heady one.  Did we do texture slip stitches?  Should we do mosaic slip stitches?  Or should we choose something else in the color work field of slip stitches??  Ultimately the presenters chose to do the something else.

The project was a cell phone carry case.  The gusset/strap was fabric stitch/linen stitch because it doesn't stretch.  For the front, back and flap, we were given a choice of patterns.  Samples were given both in person and in the pattern as well as the directions, Indian cross stitch, royal quilting, honeycomb tweed, false flame stitch and crochet-knit cross stitch and a less than satisfactory stitch, the two color plaited basketweave.  All are patterns from Barbara Walker's Treasury of knitting patterns vols. 1 & 2.

This is my rendition.  I used the crochet knit cross stitch for the front.  The two color plaited basketweave done a needle 6 sizes larger than the rest is featured on the flap.  And starring on the back in the second picture is Royal Quilting.

I used size US 4 needles and Lily Sugar and Creme worsted weight cotton yarn in dark green and a green/white "stripes".  This second has a really long color repeat.  The linen stitch and the two color plaited basket weave are very firm stitches.

Some of the other women chose to do a long strap to make it a cross body bag.  I chose to make it a wrist strap.  When I started this I had a different phone that was smaller.  My new phone doesn't fit this case.  But my new phone does a few more things than the other one.  So I will definitely be making another.

Who knows what will be coming up in the next year of meetings.  I'm looking forward to the planning when the ideas are pitched.