Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Red Heart and Teddy Bears pt 5

If you made the bear parts, congratulations.  Are you happy with the color choice(s) made?  I know at the time I made mine, I had wanted him to be a gingerbread or cinnamon color.  He was definitely memorable in the colors I had, not to mention the size.  Are you happy with the size?  I was until I had to drag his heavy self around.  I definitely won't be stuffing any toys in that fashion again.

This bear might made a good substitute for a body pillow if you or someone you know sleeps with one.  If  the person who is receiving this bear cares to, children's clothes should fit.  I would imagine, depending on your gauge choice, size 4 - 10 would do.

Finishing is this week's topic.  

It's time to stuff and assemble the parts.  Choose where the front of the bear is going to be.  First up, the head.  Using yarns that match either the background or the face parts, whipstitch is my prefered way to sew parts on.  Keep the stitches small and close to prevent stuffing from coming out.  You can also add a bit more stuffing as needed before the final few stitches.

Attach the stuffed muzzle in the center of the face.  Attach the nose to the tip of the muzzle, placing the tr st on the bottom side.  The mouth comes down from this point.  Embroider the mouth in place.  Attach the eyes above and to the outside of the muzzle.  Do not stuff the nose or eyes.  Sew ears on at the top of the head on the outside as you look into his sweet face.  You can choose to face them forward or out to the side or anything in between.  Ears facing forward means he will listen intently to whatever is said to him.  Ears facing out to the sides indicate something more interesting may be going on than what is being said to him.  In between indicates the bear wants to hear you and check for things going on around him.   (I'm not a bear whisperer.  I'm basing this on my dogs' and cats' ear positions and what is going on.)

Stuff the legs.  Hind legs should be attached at the bottom of the body as he sits on his bum.  Face the legs either straight out or slightly parted.  If he is going to sit on the floor, slightly splayed might make him sit better.  If there is a chair he is to occupy, straight out might be better.  Front legs should be positioned so the top of the leg is at the place where the decreases start.  They should also be directly above the hind legs.

Are there any parts left over?  Put them where they look best.  Is your bear a girl?  If she wears a flower over an ear, you can ask if the left ear or right is the one indicated for available for dating or taken.  Better still confuse people and put one on each ear.  Dress the bear or not.

This bear requires very little care.  He doesn't have to go out to P**P in the woods.  He doesn't eat anything.  He won't eat all the honey or peanut butter or make a mess of the house.  He will absorb tears and secrets and dreams and never tell.

Please post pictures of your bear.  I'd love to see how you interpreted this new member of the family.