Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christmas in July continuation

Sorry it's been a bit since I posted anything.  My church had its annual carnival and I co-chair the whole thing.  We got rained out a day and a half and had a day and a half of good weather.  Better luck next year.  This is why my mind has not been on knitting or crocheting.  On the up side, I had my yearly review at Michaels today and found some interesting new yarns to play with.

I picked out Loops & Threads Poodle and Pompom and Flaunt yarns, Red Heart's Boutique series Chic, and Premier Yarns' Starbella.  I then headed over to Ravelry after checking out the patterns available for these yarns on the company sites.  As much as I hate to admit it, some of these yarns are very popular in scarves.    They take the work out of projects and allow you to use simple stitches to complete a scarf in a small amount of time.  The finished items look stunning and you can get all the glory.  Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

I have also seen some interesting and unique ideas for some of these yarns, shawls, purses, hair scrunchies, adornments like flowers for other items, purses/clutches, pillows, blankets, cuffs and mitts, and strangely tea cozies.  For as much as I like a nice cup of tea when it's cold out, I never really thought about these for tea cozies but they are there.  And they look really interesting.

And now since a tornado watch is in effect for my location, I must get off the computer and shut things down.  This weather system arrived earlier than expected.  At least I don't have to go out right now for a class and I'm home from my day job.