Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 2 for Christmas in July

In thinking of what all I want to make this year, I know I want to do slippers.  I always knit them.  I even made myself dpns to knit the early ones.  More on that adventure later.

The pattern is one from the site that has since been taken down.  This site back in the late 90's and early 2000 was a person who donated or collected donations of knit or crocheted slippers to send to sailors serving in the Middle East.  I enjoyed being able to donate a few pairs to help those serving in our military to know that we at home have not forgotten them.

These can be done in solid colors, stripes, 2 different colors together to make a tweedy effect.  You can put a flower or pompom on the top of the foot somewhere or another type of trinket.  Done in acrylic yarns they are easy care and since they are a quick knit, you can make a whole rainbow of colors.

Edited:  I did not remember the correct name of the website above.  The correct web address is  They have not been taken down.  There are a myriad of patterns on this site that are military approved for those who wish to contribute.  The patterns are just as welcome here at home as well.