Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Christmas in July

I'm planning to do a link a day to something I think might be fun to knit or crochet for a Christmas present or two.  The links will mostly be items that are already out there but might have been overlooked.

I will also be figuring out what I'm doing for Christmas gifts this year and posting pictures of finished presents.  Things that will need to be done before all this knitting and crocheting?  Do I have the correct needles, hooks, knook, cro-hook for anticipated project?  Do I have enough yarn in the desired fiber and color?  If not, can I get more?  Will I need a complementary color?

Can I think of ways to keep presents from becoming covered in dog/cat fur?  What are the best ways to de-fur presents?  Will I have the stamina to complete big things in the dog days of August?

Let me know your thoughts on what you are planning?  Do you have ways to keep your projects free from "contaminants"?  For those allergic to animal dander, this could be of real interest.