Thursday, July 12, 2012

Something for the readers in my family

For some reason most knitters and crocheters I know also read a lot.  I know I do.  One of the ideas that came to me today was bookmarks to tuck into a bestseller or topic specific book those on my list have been yearning for.  I'm thinking of thread lace crochet, hairpin lace, knitted lace, and possibly book jackets in some of the "standard" sizes of books.  This allows the reader to be left in peace with his or her book.  No one to question the choice of book or if your are into the new thriller, no one to spoil the whodunit.

Along this line would would also be an e-Reader sleeve to protect it from bumps and scratches.  I think a nice fair isle pattern that gets felted could be a good idea.

In looking through my patterns, books and magazines recently, I came across some interesting ideas.

Create a single crochet pineapple two pineapples long and put scallops along the edges.  Pattern for this will go up this weekend.  Pick any lace pattern either knit or crochet that is 6 to 12 stitches wide and work in size 10 thread with either a size 8 steel hook or size 0 knitting needles and work enough repeats for 6 inches.    Again a pattern for a knit idea and a pattern for a crochet idea will go up this weekend.  All of these will also have pictures.

For a book jacket or eReader sleeve, try these patterns from different yarn manufacturers.  Some nice ones are at lion brand and caron.

For the last two, put kindle in the search box.  There are a few for your viewing and stitching pleasure.

A selection of many different and fun bookmarks can be found at these sites.

For the last two, put kindle in the search box.  There are a many here also for your viewing and stitching pleasure.

If this isn't enough variation, go to and signup if you haven't already.  Once you are in, click the patterns tab and put in your search request.  No matter what I'm looking for there is always at least one pattern or project for me to see out there.

This should help with a few ideas for now.