Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 12 a year of stitches

Finally feeling like i have this illness  kicked.   Antibiotics can be wonderful.  Sleep is also happening.   Although the non sleep times gave me some ideas to go along with year of stitches.

Today's stitches will be fisherman's rib and shells

Fisherman's rib.

This pattern is a member of the waffle stitch family.  It makes a very  fluffy deep ribbing.  It can make a very nice allover fabric

It uses an even number of stitches.

Cast on and purl a row.

R1:  * P1, k next st in the row below; rep from *, end p2.  Rep R 1.

*****UPDATE ****** 
The fisherman's rib will spread laterally.   Cast on fewer stitches for your sample. 

*****End of update*****


This is a multiple of stitches 6 plus 3

Ch the number needed to get 4inches. Add 3 stitches.
R1: 5 dc in 7th ch from hook, *sk 5 ch, 5 dc in next ch. Rep until there are 3 ch, dc in last ch.  Ch 3, turn.
R2:  * 5 dc in 3rd dc of 5 dc cluster. Rep across.  Dc in top of turning ch.  Ch 3, turn. 

Repeat R2 until you have a square.