Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 20 A year of stitches

Today's stitches will be

Star Rib Mesh and Tunisian Simple Stitch Reversed

Star Rib Mesh

Multiple of 4 sts + 1.

Row 1 (Wrong Side): purl.
Row 2: k1, *yo, sl 2 knitwise k1 p2sso, yo, k1; rep from *.
Row 3: purl.
Row 4: ssk, yo, k1, *yo, sl 2 knitwise k1 p2sso, yo k1; rep from *, end yo, k2tog

Repeat rows 1-4 until you reach your desired length.

Tunisian Simple Stitch Reversed

Again this can be done on any number of stitches and uses the same base row to get started.  With this particular stitch, you will hold the work as if to look down on the top of the hook to make it easier.

R2A:  * holding the hook in the back of the work and the yarn in the back of the work, insert the hook in the back vertical bar and pull up a loop, retain the loop.  Rep from * across to the last st.  End by inserting the hook between the left leg and the center of the ch st.
R2B:  ch 1, * wrap yarn around the hook and pull through 2 loops.

Rep R2A and R2B until you have a square or your project is finished.