Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Day 15 a year of stitches

Today's stitches will be

Horizontal Herringbone and Crocodile Tears Stitch

Horizontal Herringbone

Multiple of 2 sts.

R1:  RS - * k2tog tbl, k 1st st, slip both off.  Rep from * across.
R2:  P2tog, p in 1st st, slip both off.

Rep R 1&2 until you have a square

Crocodile Tears Stitch

Ch multiples of 5 + 1.  You also need beads with a hole large enough to have 2 strands of yarn pulled through.

Turn and, working into the back loops, dc in 2nd ch from hook. Ch 1, *sk 2 ch, 2 dc into next st*. Rep from * to * across row.
Turn, sc at base of ch. Working around back of first post (not both of the posts, just the first one), 5 dc around the same post. Your stitches will stack on top of each other. Ch 2, pull loop through a bead, ch 2.

Rotate your work to go back up the other side and to finish your scale - working around the same singular post, fp stitch from the bottom of the stitch up to the top and work in 5 dc. One scale complete.
Sc into the top of the second post (right next to the one you've been working on) to hold everything you just did in place, and then continue working across the row.

Once you complete your row of scales, you need to set up another foundation row before you begin your next set of scales: ch 1 at the end of your scale row, turn, sc into the base of the ch. Sc into the middle of the scale, 2 dc into the top ch in between scales. Continue across row.
When you reach the end of the row, ch 1, turn and work across, making scales.