Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 19 A Year of Stitches

Today's stitches will be

Checkerboard Vandyke and Tunisian Purl Stitch

Checkerboard Vandyke

This looks like a checkerboard and some will say it resembles basket stitch or basket weave.  It depends on what your source is.  Barbara Walker is my go to off line.

Multiple of 8 sts.

Cast on the needed sts.

R1 - 4:  * k 4, p 4.
R5 - 8:  * p 4, k 4.

Rep these 8 rows for the pattern.  If you choose to use dimes and pennies and play checkers with someone special.  Flip to heads for kings. 

Tunisian Purl Stitch

Like the last 2 Tunisian stitches we explored, it can be done with any number of stitches.  It also uses the same base row as the first two. 

R2A: * pull yarn to the front of the work, insert hook horizontally under the front vertical bar, run yarn below the hook on the front, behind the head of the hook and draw up over the top of the hook to the front.  pull through the vertical bar.  Rep from * across to the last st.  Take yarn to the back of the work, insert the hook between the left leg and the center to pull up a loop.
R2B: ch 1, * wrap yarn around the hook, pull through 2 loops.

Rep R2A and R2B until you have a square or your project is finished.