Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christmas in July day 14

Ornaments.  This covers so many things  I know I am covering this on 2 days.

Today's ornaments will be the smaller things you hang on your trees or use as gift tags.  There are literally thousands upon thousands of patterns out there.  Let your imagination soar.  These are just a few to get you started.

There are snowflakes, do them in thread for a delicate look, do them in yarn and have a more robust look.  See these posts for more ideas with these and 

There are full on ornaments like we all think well as more novel approaches to ornaments and for something different you can use something like these.  You can do a simple ball but change it up with novelty yarns.

And finally a popcorn garland that I can no longer find on the internet where I initially found it.

I use Red Heart Super Saver in aran because to me that looks like my popcorn.  You can add red beads if you want the popcorn and cranberry look or leave it plain.  I did mine plain.

Popcorn Garland

Red Heart Super Savor, 8 oz in color Aran
Size I hook

Ch 5, work 5 dc in 5th ch from hook.  Remove hook from last loop, insert in top of ch 3 and then back into the loop and pull through.  (popcorn made)

* Ch 8, (5 dc in 5th ch from hook, remove hook from last loop, insert in top of ch 3 and then back into the loop and pull through).

Rep from * until your garland is as long as you want.  Gauge for this project doesn't matter.  If you use the whole skein for this you will have around 75 ft of garland.  My knitting guild made these for a bazaar one year and we measured.  If you add the red beads, put them in the second chain of the 3 chains between the popcorns.

This is fast and easy (unless you do the whole skein) and can be kept from year to year unlike the edible version.  It also doesn't draw bugs or mice.