Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Christmas in July day 23

This is a bit of a departure.  Yesterday was sweaters, and as I noted yesterday, those patterns are all over.  Today the quest is for skirts that are knit or crochet.  

I have several knit skirts in my closet.  They are the very simple "pencil" skirt.  I knit 2 panels 150 stitches wide each and a length of about 24 - 28 inches for each, then seamed them together.  I turned under one edge 1 inch sewed it down and ran elastic through for the waist.  The bottom hem can be done several ways.  I can turn under an inch or so and hem it.  I can do something like garter stitch or seed stitch for a couple of inches.  I would not do anything like ribbing though since that will pull in the hem and make my hips look even wider.   This would not be bad if I wanted them emphasized, but I choose not to.  I could also handle them hem by doing crochet work around.  I have done this.  I like this look sometimes.



fringed skirt

Have fun with this idea.  You never know what could be the new fashion trend.