Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas in July day 27

Have you thought about doing jewelry with knit or crochet?  Kids can do friendship bracelets.  Teens can do the para-cord bracelets that are so popular.  But for something more sophisticated for tweens and older, you might want to try your hand at crocheting or knitting with wire and beads or fine crochet threads and beads.  There are a lot of nice patterns out there in beading magazines for this technique as well as some of the knit and crochet magazines.

Beads for this can be whatever your recipient or you like.  Too many glass beads though could make the piece heavy.  You could also do a mix of bead work (using head pins and such) with the crochet and/or knit piece.

Jewelry is always welcome for holidays, birthdays, births, anniversaries, any day of the week really.  Here are some ideas.

stranded necklace


star street ensemble



In addition to these, a search using your favorite search engine will provide more possibilities than imagined.  Do some or all of these ideas with bead wire instead of yarns or threads and some memorable pieces could be made.

There are books at that have more starting points.