Monday, July 15, 2013

Christmas in July day 15

Yesterday was such a big topic, it needed two days.  Today will touch on those pieces that sit around for decorative purposes, kind of like the animated things seen in malls and store windows.  Unless you have skills to animate these, they are still lives.  I don't possess those skills.

Angels  tree top angel angels of all kinds 

Santas  Santa-gnome-ornaments  a bunch of jolly old elves

This can also be a skirt for your tree, Christmas stockings, gift bags.  The list goes on and on.  In addition to links online, I know Leisure Arts puts out a lot of pattern books for holiday knit and crochet patterns.  I find them at thrift shops, yard sales, in stores.  Sometimes all that is needed is an update of the colors because the item is back in fashion.

One thing I wanted to do for my kids but never seemed to find the time for was an Advent Calendar.  Advent Calendars might not have gotten done, but we did have an Advent Wreath each year, complete with handmade candles.  (I could never find the 3 purple and 1 rose colored candles over Thanksgiving and never thought to look earlier in the year)

Each year, I have a collection of Santas I put on top of my refrigerator on one side and a collection of snowmen on the other.  These are small collections.  However, one of the snowmen is a knit creation with a knit scarf and wearing a stocking hat.  I will post a pattern and picture of him closer to the holidays.  My Santa that is hand made is a crochet creation made by someone in my dad's side of the family.Since most of these relatives are no longer with us, I can't ask.  Again I will post a pattern and a picture.  One year I gave my husband's grandmother a crocheted moue for Christmas.  His name is Christ Mouse and was a Leisure Arts pattern.  After she passed, the mouse came back to me.  My mother in law wanted a similar one but sadly my pattern had flown the coop by that time.  Christ Mouse now lives with her.  I will see if I can get a picture of him to post.

As you might be able to tell, Christmas and it's traditions are a big part of our family life.  I might just be getting out of one of the traditions though.  The annual Cookie baking frenzy.  My oven controls are shot and I don't intend to fix them anytime soon.  With just a husband and me, we can use a toaster oven.  I'm not crazy enough to bake cookies in one of those.