Friday, July 26, 2013

Christmas in July day 26

Today I think about plants.  I love to garden.  I hate to weed though.  My idea for today is how to bring some of summer indoors for the winter.  The answer is a  plant sling and nice plant.  I try to make sure nothing toxic goes to families with small kids who put everything in their mouth or curious animals.  I have started geraniums from my plants to give as gifts as well as seeds of favorite vine-like summer flowers to grow in the winter and bring some cheer.

I try to do a mix of houseplants or even Christmas cacti rather than poinsettias.  Traditionalist that I am, I only like the dark red ones and even then I get overwhelmed by them being everywhere.

A nice plant or mix of plants in a nice planter that has the option to hang is ideal.  No hook?  no  problem, there's a nice planter to sit somewhere.  Ho horizontal places to put a plant out of reach?  Again no problem, here's the way to hang it.

I used to like the large macrame hangers some  people made.  Now you can't readily find materials for this.  I can find a few crocheted patterns though and yarn is abundant that won't disintegrate.

plant hanger



plant hanger

pineapple plant hanger